Causes of malaysian student weak in english

The second cause is problem with grammar. Those factors may derive from many components including social environmental issues, the difference of culture, social economic extension, and etc. In order to counsel weak-memory students you need to find some oftheir strengths.


How many Malaysians can do the same today. Kavin Hetrakul also said that they use English more frequent only inside the class and less frequent outside the class. I asked questions, and students raised there hands. And these are qualified teachers," he said. The majority of students stated that the English teachers are not well trained, for example using Lao language when teaching, so they cannot perform well and influenced the interest of the students.

Learners have pleasure for a second or foreign language learning when they receive motivation, especially internal motivation because it could be well predicted by perceived second language ability and independence Wu, This skill will be their plus point in facing the working world.

The child just needs to believe that he or she is in many ways, a strong student; not just a strong student, but a strong person.

Students were required to save their prizes until the end of class. Old methods in teaching made the learning process dull and not interesting, so students feel bored and lack of interest. After that all answers were returned back, the researcher identified and developed into categories for www.

Moreover, there are singular and plural forms that the students have to distinguish and still many forms that have to be learned. The first cause that makes the students difficult in speaking English is that the environment does not support the students to speak English frequently.

Moving from the external to the internal. Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Pedagogicznej. Gnanapiragasam also expressed disappointment at the quality of English teachers in schools today. For middle school students, I used to do in class review before tests.

Last but not least, English language is difficult to learn due to students are not well-motivated, encouraged and gained learning strategy. The duration of this program is three years, but students have to take time for two months for this extra-course annually.

Students losing out due to lack of English skill

History, Curriculum, and Practice. The teacher may fine the students every time they speak their native language. Each person was required to give ten items which needed to write down in the blank A4 paper provided.

Undergraduate student's attitudes towards English language. A teacher can a handle a weak student by encouraging them to be a better student. English For Specific Purposes, 29 4All participants were the second year students.

The first one is a way for the teacher to do. Investigation into motivation types and influences on motivation: Even if it takes one-on-one time, the teacher should do whatever he or she can do to let that child know that he or she is in a least restrictive environment.

The majority of students' lack of English background knowledge; for example, the English curriculum is provided when they learn in the first year of low secondary school.

It is believed that the students want to be the winner in working world competition that is getting tight day by day. Southeast Asia Community Resource Center.

This Program has been conducting during the school vacation. Does orthography make a difference. The classroom is crowded, the environment is not 12 One weaknessone might have is the ability to be social with a lot of differentpeople.

In addition, a study of problems encountered by Arab EFL learners showed that learners preferred to use Arabic rather than English for communication in both outside and inside the classroom, the lack of the target language exposure as spoken by its native speakers, the shortage and weakness of the contribution in their language teaching context, and lack of their personal motivation Loae, Use that as an illustration of how good they arewithout making them feel inferior.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Factors Causes Students Low English Language Learning: A Case Study in the National University of Laos | It has been generally well-known that most people faced some. Home Essays Causes of Student Weakness Causes of Student Weakness in English In the process, they lose their self-esteem.

A majority of students are weak in English. Most of them can hardly write a word comprehension or read simple materials. Apr 19,  · Best Answer: It is not his native language. He never hears it spoken at home or at school. He hates it. He is not interested in learning.

He has a lousy English teacher. He does not like the teacher. None of his friends learn English.

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He has too much other work to do He does not have the right Resolved. ESL STUDENTS COMMUNICATION APPREHENSION AND THEIR CHOICE. OF COMMUNICATIVE ACTIVITIES. Wan Zumusni Wan Mustapha Deepak Singh Ratan Singh.

Suhaidi Elias @Alias. Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. Abstract In order to examine the English communication apprehension (CA) of ESL students at the or.

Hence, Malaysian children would have been introduced to the English language as early as four or five years old. They would then continue to learn English until they reach form five (17 years old).

Malaysia has accorded English as a 50% students from STARP and 70% students from SSA are considered weak in English. The question, “Why Lao students weak in English?,” was employed as a tool in this study in order to ask the English student-teachers’ perceptions towards reasons that Lao students are poor performance for learning English as a foreign language.

Causes of malaysian student weak in english
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